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Touch the Heart, Color the Imagination, and Delight the Mind,

Welcome to The Storytellers. The great storytellers in children's literature never lost their childhood. Their distinctive styles and personalities are woven into their writing in a special way that enchants children of every generation.

What is it about a book that captivates the reader and listener? Stories should have good themes, valid characters, and always be believable. They should be people centered, not problem centered. Great books should contain heroes and role models for children to imitate. Stories should entertain and stir a child's imagination and curiosity. Children should hear and read stories for pleasure, laughter, and fun. Sometimes we need nonsensical, imaginative stories that have no useful information or lesson, but just plain and delightful fun. Illustrations play an important role in children's literature. They represent the "icing on the cake" to storytelling. If presented correctly, illustrations will leave a lasting and memorable impression on young minds.

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