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The Children's Hour was created to promote and encourage reading to children. We believe that reading aloud not only creates a special bond between parents and children, but it is important to the development of their imagination and curiosity.

We believe that literacy is for life. It begins at home by reading to children during their formative years and is developed over time when good literature is available at home and in the classroom for children to read and hear read aloud. Literacy should extend beyond the ability to read and write at a fourth grade level. It should include the ability to read proficiently and enthusiastically.

If our children are to make a difference in the world, they need to learn about morals, ethics, and values. Good literature plays an important role in developing these character traits that will see them through to adulthood and passed on to the next generation.

The joy and warmth from being read to should be every child's birthright. It doesn't cost a thing and gives dignity, intelligence, and love to both the reader and listener. It's also fun.

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