Second Grade

Reading to Children

Children now enjoy stories that help them try on different personalities and assist them over difficult stages. They need stories whose sole purpose is fun, entertainment, and enjoyment. They enjoy seeing characters take risks, gain control over their surroundings, and where all ends in happy ever after.

This is an exciting age, full of new and exhausting information. Don't push for learning to read just yet. Listening to stories is where reading begins.

Benefits of Reading to Children

Reading Aloud is one of the most important gifts a child can receive. A special bond is created between an adult and child in sharing a book. It indicates to the child that someone cares enough to spend time sharing a good book. There is also a sense of security that comes from the physical closeness in sharing a story.

Literature can positively affect a child’s self-esteem. When reading aloud is a shared activity, children are encouraged to ask questions and talk about the story. This is a perfect opportunity to teach values, encourage integrity, and give children high ideals to reach for.

Giving children direct contact with books is very important for increasing attention spans, listening abilities, vocabulary, visualization, a greater cultural knowledge, and eventually success in reading.

When reading aloud to children, they automatically learn about the written language as well. Educators say that the ability to write well, to state a case carefully, and reason with others is critical, if children are to succeed.

Reading aloud can be extremely beneficial to parents who have difficulty in communicating with their child, difficulty with the English language, or lack quality time.

The Land of Classics

There is a land not far away,
and only found in books today,
where classic stories hold the key
to special worlds, just wait and see.

Flying carpets, lamps, and genies,
pirates, crooks, and no-good meanies.
Ruby shoes and yellow brick roads,
little engines that pull big loads.

Boys, giants, and beanstalks to climb,
and, of course, a Mother Goose rhyme.
Spaceships, death stars, an evil realm,
battles and heroes that overwhelm.

Little chickens and falling skies,
and kings and queens and blackbird pies.
Spiders and webs that save a pig,
shovels named Mike that love to dig.

Children that fly and pixie dust,
Pirates and crocs, never to trust.
Narnia worlds across the seas,
a bear called Pooh, and honey bees.

In this land all classics abide,
and wait for all to look inside
to read or listen, old or new,
just one a day, or maybe two.

Read the classics, they touch the heart
delight the mind, best place to start.
But don’t delay, pull up a chair,
begin to read, we’ll see you there.

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