Kindergarten is the time when children become more aware and curious about people, places, and things. Their social world now includes others outside the family.

They are now ready for stories that help them try on different personalities and assist them over difficult stages. They need stories whose sole purpose is fun, entertainment, and enjoyment. Kindergartners enjoy seeing characters that take risks, gain control over their surroundings, and where all ends in happy ever after. Unlike preschool books, these stories have a beginning, middle, and end.

This is an exciting age for Kindergartners, full of new and exhausting information. Don't push for learning to read just yet. Listening to stories is where reading begins.


Television may be a great babysitter, but it is a huge obstacle to family togetherness. Television deprives a child of asking questions. It encourages deceptive thinking and stifles their imagination. It overpowers and desensitizes a child’s sense of sympathy for suffering. It is a passive activity and discourages creative play.

Most American children do minimal reading. They do not know very much about history, unless they have seen it on television. This is ignorance, not illiteracy.

Our society offers so many distractions and negative role models that most children either cannot read, will not read, or hate to read. What does this say about their choices in the voting booths, how they choose to spend their money and leisure time, how they raise their children, or the value systems they adopt and whom they emulate?


There is a land not far away, and only found in books today, where classic stories live and breathe. Magic awaits, if you believe.

Glass slippers, pumpkins, wicked queens, Puppets, crickets, and magic beans. Spiders and webs that save a pig, Shovels named Mike that love to dig.

Ruby shoes and yellow brick roads, little engines that pull big loads. Boys, giants, and beanstalks to climb, and, of course, a Mother Goose rhyme.

Grannies and wolves and girls in red, nannies to guide children to bed. Spindles and spells, and evil queens, knights, puppets, and magical beans.

Read the classics, they’ll touch your heart delight your mind, best place to start. But don’t delay, pull up a chair, start to read, we’ll see you there.