Ten to twelve year olds still fantasize, and these books take them out of themselves and into other times and places. Many psychologists feel that reading fantasy to older children is one of the keys to problem-solving skills in later life. Whether fantasy is simple or complex, historical, contemporary, or futuristic, these books seem to be enjoyed by all.

Animal Nature Stories

A connection with nature and caring about the creatures which children share the planet with is a part of growing up. The instinct to relate to animals and pets, or the whole outdoors is very strong in many children now, and they should be given the opportunity to read and listen to as many of these stories as possible.

Contempory Life

Books that parallel their lives and thoughts are always of interest to children, and probably more now as they move toward adolescence.

10+ Years Recent Releases

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Bongo Fishing
Children of the Lamp: The Eye of the Forest
Children of the Lamp: The Five Fakirs of Faizabad
Frozen in Time
Half Upon a Time
Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation
The Knightly Academy
Magician's Tower
On the Blue Comet
The Princess and the Unicorn
Smells Like Dog
Spy Camp
The Year Money Grew on Trees

Myths, Legends, & Folktales

At this age many children are drawn to books about the days of King Arthur, the Greek heroes and heroines, and stories from the Bible.

Reminders in Choosing Books

Whether the people children get to know in books are miles away, in outer space or simply people from a different background or time, books can help develop an understanding of their lives. Help children to explore morals and values, expand their horizons and interests, and develop creativity and problem solving. Reading aloud as a family activity is still a great idea. Discuss books with your children and encourage them to make wise choices.


Children now have acquired a little background in poetry. For many kids poetry often means humor. Both sunny ten-year-olds and more mellow elevens and twelves may be ready for poetry of content and seriousness. They may suddenly be open to metaphor and cadence. Reading aloud excellent poetry cannot help but educate them to the possibilities of language.