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Stories from the Past to
Read, Share, and Treasure

Bill Peet

A clue to the quality of a classic book is its ability to stand the test of time. The following children’s’ books by author/illustrator Bill Peet absolutely fit this standard.

Having worked for Disney for 27 years, Bill Peet left and decided to write and illustrate stories that he told to his children. We hope the young and not-so-young will enjoy a few of his rhyming tales of vanity, humility, courage, and hilarious nonconformity.


written/illus by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin, 1971), 48p, Ages 5-8

Katy is a caboose who is tired of being the last car in the freight train. It’s too noisy, smoky, and jerky to her way of thinking. She longs for the simple, quiet life, but has little hope of achieving it, until one day an accident releases her from the train. “When Katy hit the curve, she took off like a kite, \ High over the treetops on her first and last flight, \ That would quickly have ended poor Katy caboose \ If it hadn’t been for two towering spruce.” Watch how Katy spends the rest of her days with plenty of fresh air, peace, solitude, and a great view.
Themes: Adventure, Humor, Rhythm & Rhyme, Machines in Motion


written/illus. by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin, 1967), 48p, Ages 5-8

A young, innocent mountain goat learns to adapt to a serious handicap—overgrown horns. Unable to keep up with the other rams and forced to leave his mountain home, Buford takes refuge with cattle to avoid roving hunters. Discover how Buford escapes danger to become a great skier and “the star attraction at the Little Big Pine winter resort.”
Themes: Adventure, Animals, Humor


written/illus. by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin Co., 1959), 40p, Ages 5-8

“Hubert the Lion was haughty and vain / And especially proud of his elegant mane. / But conceit of this sort isn’t proper at all / And Hubert the Lion was due for a fall.” Embarrassed by accidentally setting fire to his beautiful mane, Hubert hides in a hollow tree. His friends suggest various remedies (hair-growing seeds, needle and thread), but Elephant remembers a remedy (crocodile tears) and begins a dangerous journey to locate them.

Kids will enjoy Elephant cleverly collecting tears, Hubert experiencing a strange transformation, and Barber Baboon creating an artistic and unforgettable haircut. Young and not so young will enjoy this rhyming tale of vanity, humility, and hilarious nonconformity.
Themes: Adventure, Animals, Humor, Rhythm & Rhyme


written/illus. by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin, 1966), 48p, Ages 5-8

When urban development begins to encroach and destroy their forest home, the animals decide to search for another shady glade. To the old raccoon, leader of the animals, the world was a mystery, but he knew it was time to leave. Jumping onto a moving train was dangerous, but “they jumped, each one in a perfectly flat four-point landing. Everyone but the roly-poly raccoon, who hit with a big bounce and nearly rolled off before he caught himself.”

They travel through meadows, polluted towns, forests, and hundreds of shady glades, but jumping off a moving train proves challenging. When the train is forced to stop, they discover a new shady future. This story of friendship, working together, environmental pollution, and preservation of the natural world should be shared with every child.
Themes: Adventure, Animals, Families, Friendship, Nature


written/illus. by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin Co., 1965), 48p, Ages 5-8

A greedy, cranky, selfish, old crab lives alone and battles seagulls for food each day. “And he’d have been greedy the rest of his days / If an odd twist of fate hadn’t changed Kermit’s ways.” When a young fisherman saves him from disaster, Old Kermit decides to mend his ways.

By accident, he discovers buried treasure, and with the help of a pelican friend, Kermit repays the boy’s act of kindness. Children need to hear more messages about the importance of kindness and helping others.
Themes: Classics, Friendship, Oceans, Rhythm & Rhyme, Values


written/illus. by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin, 1979), 48p, Ages 5-8

Sir Galavant is a brave knight. His war-horse, Clyde, is not. When a menacing ogre terrorizes local farmers, Sir Galavant eagerly begins a search. Clyde has reservations, when the knight locates the ogre and decides to give the monster a fighting chance.

Terrified, Clyde runs away leaving the knight behind, but has second thoughts. “‘If there’s even a slim chance,’ thought Clyde, ‘that I could do something to save him, then I must take a chance. If I’m not half brave enough, then I must pretend to be brave! I’ll put on a big act!’”

Discover how Clyde finds his courage, tricks the monster, receives help from an unexpected source, and rescues his friend. Elegant, magical, and full of wonder, most contemporary books cannot complete with Bill Peet’s excellence in storytelling.
Themes: Adventure, Animals, Folk Literature, Friendship


written/illus. by Bill Peet (Houghton Mifflin, 1978), 40p, Ages 5-8

Old, weak, and unable to hunt for food, Eli shares his meals with a flock of noisy, squabbling vultures. Vowing to ignore them and never make friends, Eli finds himself rescuing one from a fox.

Suddenly a hero and dismayed at their devoted companionship, Eli tries to turn the vultures away with insults, but they reply, “We will do as you wish, and leave you be. But no matter what you say, we are still your friends, and in some way we old birds might prove to be useful someday.”

When tribesmen hunt Eli, the play-acting vultures save their friend from certain death. Respect and friendship are sometimes hard to achieve, but they are so rewarding when attained.
Themes: Animals, Friendship, Values


written/illus. by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin, 1973), 32p, Ages 5-8

Prewitt is different from the other peacocks. Instead of a multi-eyed beautiful tail, his scraggly tail consists of a few feathers that grow into a creepy, scary, two-eyed face.

Chased away from the jungle by the flock, Prewitt becomes a hero after a remarkable encounter with Travis, a scrawny old tiger, who stalks the peacocks. “From that day on, wherever Prewitt went the other peacocks followed close behind. Very close.”
Themes: Animals, Heroes, Humor


written/illus. by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin, 1981), 38p, Ages 4-8

Eleanor is a great circus performer. “But great circus stars can’t keep going forever, no matter how clever they are, and after performing her act for over forty years, the old elephant was getting weak in the knees and was fearful of falling.”

Taken to the city zoo to live out her days, Eleanor feels useless and lonely, until one day, she watches an artist sketch one of the rhinos. Intrigued by concept, Eleanor tries drawing a clown with her trunk. Suddenly, she is the star of the zoo and a performer once more.
Themes: Animals, Humor


written/illus. by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin Books for Young Readers, 1982), 48p, Ages 5-8

“Once upon a time there was a giant sea serpent named Cyrus. Even though he was a horrible looking monster he wasn’t the least bit fierce.” When called a sissy, he decides to prove his bravery by sinking a ship.

Cyrus reconsiders his decision, when the Primrose encounters the doldrums, storms, and is attacked by pirates. Blowing the ship across quiet seas, using his body as a flotation devise during storms, ramming the pirate ship, and pulling the damaged Primrose to safety, Cyrus becomes a mighty hero. Children and adults will enjoy the marvelous message of courage, self-sacrifice, and protecting life.
Themes: Adventure, Animals, Heroes


written/illus. by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin, 1984), 30p, Ages 5-8

As a circus performer, Pamela is a flop. “She was a scrawny scraggly camel who was much too clumsy and awkward to be a performer in the big top.” Disgusted, depressed, and dejected, Pamela runs away.

Following a train track, she discovers a broken rail and decides to stand on the tracks hoping to prevent an accident by the approaching train. Declared a hero, Pamela returns to the circus as its star. Pamela is no longer ordinary but very special, as we all are in our own way.
Themes: Animals, Heroes


written/illus. by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin, 1986), 32p, Ages 5-8

An abandoned, newly hatched baby ostrich is adopted and raised by a maternal zebra, Zelda. Perched on her back Zack listens as she instructs him on survival in the wild. “You wouldn’t last a minute if I dumped you on the ground. / There’re too many dangerous beasts prowling all around. / There’re lions and hyenas and then, for heaven sakes, / Roving packs of jackals and big, creeping, crawling snakes.”

Growing to around nine feet tall, Zack towers above the herd. When Zelda’s baby is born, Zack repays her and takes on the job of protecting Zodiac from lions and hyenas. The message of repaying kindness and doing the right thing should resonate in the hearts of all who read and listen to this charming tale.
Themes: Animals, Families, Rhythm & Rhyme


written/illus by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin, 1965), 48p, Ages 5-8

Ambitious and determined to avoid his fate at the dinner table, Chester leaves the farm and joins the circus. Resolving to fit in, he demonstrates a talent for balancing on his nose. “He was dressed in baby clothes with a lace bonnet tied under his chin, and Roscoe the clown in a frilly skirt and flowered hat wheeled him around the big top in a doll buggy.”

Embarrassed and humiliated, Chester escapes the circus and searches for acceptance and recognition in a dangerous, cold, and harsh world. His happy ending arrives when a passing carnival discovers his uniqueness. Kids also receive a great geography lesson about the seven continents.
Themes: Animals, Humor



written/illus. by Bill Peet, (Houghton Mifflin , 1990), 48p, Ages 4-8

Known for his spectacular crowing each morning, Dudley has the power to make the sun rise, or so the farmyard animals think. Gunther, a bad-tempered goose, who in a fit of jealousy, chases Dudley into the dark and dangerous forest.

Ol Sol, the sun, declares, “If my favorite rooster doesn’t crow in the morning, I’m not comin’ up! There’ll be no day tomorrow.” Rescued after a frightening night in the forest, Dudley realizes that true friends go the extra mile to help one another. This was Bill Peet’s last story before succumbing to cancer in 2002.
Themes: Animals, Friendship, Heroes


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written by Alice Schertle, illus. by John Joseph in the style of the late Jill McElmwvy, (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers, Oct. 2019, $17.99, ISBN
978-1-328-85213-7), 32p, Ages 3-6

There’s a storm brewing as Little Blue Truck and his friend Frog head home. As the rain and lightning begin, their frightened friends (Goat, Hen, Goose, Cow, Duck, and Pig) beg to join them in their safe and dry garage. “Beep-beep-beep! said Little Blue. / There’s room for you, and you, and you. / Everybody gather round. / Thunder’s such a grumbly sound!”

As the storm passes and the animals are no longer frightened, Little Blue delivers each one to their home for bedtime in this sweet and satisfying reminder of weathering a storm with the company and kindness of friends.
        Themes: Adventure, Animals, Transportation, Rhythm & Rhyme, Series

Others in the Series: Little Blue Truck | Little Blue Truck Leads the Way | Little Blue Truck’s Christmas | Little Blue Truck’s Springtime | Little Blue Truck’s Halloween


written/illus. by Penny Dale, (Noisy Crow, June 2019, $15.99. ISBN
978-0-7636-9936-9), 32p, Ages 3-6

Penny Dale’s dinosaurs are at it again, this time on the farm, where life is very busy, messy, and hard. The barnyard animals must be fed, the fields plowed, the sheep in the fields fed, fences built, fertilizer spread, bales of hay rolled up, carrots dug up, the wheat cut, and the apples picked. It’s hard work, but they love it, especially the cleaning, packing, and scrubbing animals and crops for the farm show, where they win, “Best in the Show.” Kids will love the facial expressions and sound effects. As always, Penny Dale’s colorful and busy illustrations are unforgettable including the front and back inside covers identifying the 10 dinosaurs and heavy machinery used in the illustrations.
        Themes: Adventure, Dinosaurs, Transportation, Series

Others in the Series: Dinosaur Dig! | Dinosaur Zoom! | Dinosaur Rescue! | Dinosaur Rocket! | Dinosaur Pirates!


written by Philip C. Stead, illus. by Erin E. Stead, (Roaring Brook Press, $7.99 Brd Bk, Dec. 2019, ISBN
978-1-250-22194-0), 34p, Ages 3-6

“It was almost winter and Bear was getting sleepy. But first, Bear had a story to tell.” His friends Mouse, Duck, Frog, and Mole apologize for not listening to his story, but winter is coming and they’re busy preparing for hibernation and migration. Instead of a story, Bear helps Mouse gather seeds for his underground hole, checks the direction of the wind for Duck to fly south, digs a hole for frog and tucks him, says good night to Mole, who I already asleep in his hole, and the sleepy bear hibernates. Come spring, Bear welcomes his friends back, but has forgotten his story. Now it’s Mouse, Duck, Frog, and Mole’s turn to help him remember. Kids will love this big, furry, gentle, helpful, and lovable bear.
        Themes: Animals, Bears, Friendship, Values


written by Lora Koehler, illus. by Jake Parker, (Candlewick Press, Oct. 2019, $16.99, ISBN
978-15362-0117-8), 40p, Ages 3-7

The Little Snowplow loves his job with the Mighty Mountain Road Crew, especially plowing snow, which he patiently waits for through Spring, Summer, and Fall. When the leaves begin to blow, he exercises and checks the weather report. but not a single flake arrives. Grading trails in January and delivering valentines in February, he begins to prepare for his birthday in March. On the morning of his birthday, the patient little fellow awakes to discover that dreams do come true. Kids will love this sweet tale of friendship, perseverance, the birthday party (pin the tail on the yeti), and the white, powdery birthday gift.
        Themes: Adventure, Humor, Transportation, Seasons, Series

Ages 4-8

written/illus by Laura Vaccaro Seeger, (Neal Porter Books, Aug. 2019, $13.99, ISBN 978-0-8234-4173-0), 32p, Ages 4-7

For kids who ask "why?" over and over, to kids who like to puzzle out and discuss what they see on each page, to kids who just like rabbits and bears, this is a funny and appealing tale of questions and answers. Bunny’s “why” questions revolve around many situations involving flowers, stars, honey, wind, gravity, and one little dead bird, to which Bear has no answer. Readers and listeners must look for clues among the pictures, as conversation between Bear and Bunny is scant. As Bunny looks through a telescope at the nighttime stars, he asks Bear, “Why?” to which Bear replies, “Because they are very far away.” Through Spring, Summer, and Fall Bunny continues to question many things, until Winter beckons Bear to hibernation and Bunny begs him to stay. It’s now Bear’s turn to ask “Why?”
Themes: Animals, Bears, Friendship, Humor, Nature


written by Kate & Jol Temple, illus. by Terri Rose Baynton, (Kane Miller Publishers, $12.99, 2019, ISBN
978-1-61067-902-2), Ages 4-8

Just as there are two sides to a story, there are two ways of reading a story. This clever tale of few words read front to back tells a negative story of two seals who rudely refuse to allow a seal and her pup to shelter on their rock. But when the story is read back to front in reverse, it becomes a positive tale of two seals gladly welcoming the other seals onto their rock. Winner of the NCTE Charlotte Huck Award of 2020, this heartwarming story of sharing and compassion is a delight to behold.
        Themes: Animals, Oceans, Nature, Values


written/illus. by Grahame Baker-Smith, (Templar Books, $17.99, Aug. 2019, ISBN 978-1-5362-0576-6), 40p, Ages 4-7

The cycle of water is beautifully illustrated as it follows a young boy, who pours the water from his jar into a pool where he is playing. Readers and listeners will enjoy the images of the water as it flows from one source to another. Young Issac follows the river in this small boat, past his home, through cities, and finally to the ocean. The water then encounters ocean life, icebergs, and storms. “In the calm morning, the sun turns the waves golden. The ocean steams in the heat, and some of its water climbs, a mist, into the sky.” As clouds float over mountains, it rains down again upon land. The illustrations, lush and breathtaking, magically capture this informative tale of the water cycle across the earth.
        Themes: Adventure, Oceans Lakes Rivers & Ponds, Nature


written by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm, translated by Anthea Bell, illus. by Bernadette Watts, (North-South Books, 1992, Jan. 2020 $17.95, ISBN
978-0-735-84384-4), 40p, Ages 5-8

This beautiful tale, originally written in German by the Brothers Grimm. tells of a donkey, dog, cat, and rooster, too old and no longer of any use to their masters, who join forces and run away to become musicians in Bremen Town. Delighted with the idea of a new career, they set off for Bremen to join the town band. Along the way, they outsmart a band of robbers and realize that they make a pretty good team. Together they discover the well-earned contentment and happiness that they were longing for.
        Themes: Animals, Folk Literature, Friendship


SILENT SWOOP: An Owl, an Egg, and a Warm Shirt Pocket
written by Michelle Houts, illus. by Deb Hoeffner, (Dawn Publications, $ 16.95, Sept. 2019, ISBN 978-1-58469-646-9), 32p, Ages 4-8

This true story of rescue, rehabilitation, and friendship surrounds a pair of owl eggs that were left in a coal yard of a power plant under a conveyor belt. A wildlife rehabilitator comes to the rescue, places the eggs in his shirt pocket to keep them warm, then an incubator, and names the only egg to hatch, Coal. Raised by bird sanctuary caregivers, “Coal went everywhere with his trainers so that he could get used to people. He even went home with them on the weekends His trainers always made sure he felt safe.” Coal also traveled with his trainers to schools, zoos, and nursing homes to help others learn about the Great Horned Owl. A few years later another egg is found in the coal yard, eventually to hatch and become known as Junior, Coal’s new brother. Endpapers contain information on “The Great Horned Owl,” “The Man Who Saved Coal,” fun facts, STEM activities, and more.
        Themes: Animals, Nature, Friendship, Wildlife

Ages 7-10

RED ROVER: Curiosity on Mars
written by Richard Ho, illus. by Katherine Roy, (Roaring Brook Press, $18.99. Oct. 2019, ISBN 978-1-250-19833-4), 44p, Ages 7-9

“Red Rover” tells the story of the latest NASA rover to land on Mars in 2012, called Curiosity. Programed to perform different functions on Mars, Curiosity roams the planet, crosses plains, craters, rolls through storms, becomes stuck in sand, observes, measures, collects, and sends back massive amounts of data about the red planet.

“In seven years of exploration, Curiosity has traveled over twelve miles and made countless invaluable observations along the way. It has snapped some of the most detailed photographs of Mars and dug deeper into the layers of history beneath its wheels than any rover before. And it’s still rolling to this day.” Young space lovers will enjoy the gorgeous illustrations that give a fascinating view of the red, inhospitable environment of Mars. Endpapers feature information on Curiosity’s history, Curiosity’s friends, Mars at a Glance, Bibliography, Websites, and the Mars 2020 Rover.
         Themes: Inventions, Nonfiction, Space Exploration


FLIGHT FOR FREEDOM: The Wetzel Family’s Daring Escape from East Germany
written by Kristen Fulton, illus. by Torben Kuhlmann, (Chronicle Books, $17.99, March 2020, ISBN 978-1-4521-4960-8), 56p, Ages 8+

With lessons of courage, heroism, and perseverance, this compelling tale tells of a family’s daring escape from East Germany flying a hot air balloon during the Cold War era in 1979.

“Peter was born on the east side of Germany, the side that wasn't free. He watches news programs rather than cartoons and wears scratchy uniforms instead of blue jeans. His family endures long lines and early curfews. But Peter knows it won't always be this way.” During late night secret meetings in their attic, Peter’s parents, along with family friends, plan and sew together a hot air balloon with material they have pain-stakingly purchased over months. Along with gas tanks and a blow torch, Peter wonders if they can fly high enough to make it over the Berlin Wall to freedom and evade German spotlights, seizure, and prison.

This true and inspiring story, seen through the eyes of a child, includes maps of the escape route, diagrams of the hot air balloon, photographs of the family, information on previous attempts to escape, construction of the balloon, Author’s Note, and history of the Cold War.
         Themes: Adventure, Families, Intrigue, World History


MACHINES IN MOTION: The Amazing History of Transportation
written by Tom Jackson, illus. by Chris Mould, (Bloomsbury Children’s Books, Jan. 2020, $19.99, ISBN
978-1-5476-0337-4), 64p, Ages 7-11

Kids are treated to fantastic timelines of various modes of transportation down through the centuries. Trains, ships, cars, balloons, bikes, planes, tanks helicopters, rockets, spacecraft, working vehicles, and submarines are featured, as well as chariots, electric cars, dugout canoes, ocean liners, cable cars, bullet trains and many more in dazzling, intricately illustrated artwork. Each timeline goes into greater detail of the people and stories behind these marvelous machines.

Under the train section, the timeline begins with the developmental history of the 1500s Wagonways and journeys through the 1781 Steam Engine, 1804 Steam Locomotives, 1825-1830 Public transportation, 1829 Stephenson’s Rocket, 1860 US Transcontinental Railroad, 1912 Diesel, 1981 TGVs (French for High-Speed Train), and 2003 Shanghai Maglev. The illustrations are a delight to behold in these fascinating stories behind each machine.
         Themes: Transportation, Nonfiction

Ages 10-13

written/illus. by Helen Cooper, (Candlewick Press, $17.99, Oct. 2019, ISBN 978-1-5362-0448-3), 352p, Ages 10+

Hidden mysteries, dangerous magic, a peculiar museum, talking animals, and an adventurous boy await all who read/read aloud this enchanting tale of heroism and the importance of family. When Ben receives a mysterious invitation to the Gee Museum, delivered by bees with a hand-written message “Come now or come never,” little does he realize that his life is about to change drastically.

Remembering a long ago visit to the museum with his deceased father, Ben ignores his mother’s advice and decides to investigate. After overhearing a conversation between an unscrupulous land developer and a rival museum owner, who desire to buy the museum, Ben begins a rescue quest. In the process, Ben discovers his father’s connection to the museum’s owner, finds help from some of the talking taxidermy animals, (shrew, hippo, owl, and chameleon), and unleashes dangerous magic within the museum.

This charming fantasy, interwoven with magic, family values, skullduggery, and lessons of overcoming obstacles, is an enjoyable tale for all. Kids will enjoy Helen Cooper’s marvelous illustrations.
        Themes: Adventure, Animals, Families, Fantasy, Friendship, Heroes

Ages 15 - 18+

NOVA (The Starlore
Legacy) #1

written/illus. by Chuck Black, (Perfect Praise Publishing, $24.99, $11.99, Nov. 2019, ISBN 978-0-9915735-2-3), 252p, Ages 15+

Following a great galactic war between two immortal races, NOVA tells of the early years in the Aurora Galaxy, the planet Jypton with its two-class system of slaves (Rayleans) and elites (Jyptonians), and of a young pilot, Daeson Starlore. Born into royalty, Daeson is eager to graduate at the top of his class at the Starcraft Academy, but his thrill-seeking adventures make for dangerous choices that could lead to expulsion.

After a chance encounter with an attractive Raylean mechanic, Daeson finds his life turned upside down with the realization that he is not of royal blood, but the slave class. After killing a sentry, who could expose him, Daeson and Raviel flee from the elite authorities in his Starcraft to a deserted planet near the Omega Nebula, only to find themselves fighting off dangerous radiation from the nebula and meeting a damaged android named Ricket. Upon return to Jypton, they discover that the Chancellor has been assassinated and there is wide-spread persecution of the Rayleans. Desperate, Daeson decides to seek the Oracle who foretold his future. Readers will enjoy the advanced technology, the genetic code altering agent, and the action-packed adventures of a young pilot, who seeks his destiny in this first episode of the Starlore Legacy.
        Themes: Adventure, Animals, Families, Fantasy, Friendship, Heroes


Stories from the Past to Read, Share, and Treasure

Holiday Books


written by Bethany Roberts, illus. by Doug Cushman, (Clarion Books, 2003), 32p, Ages 3-6

It's fun to hunt for Easter eggs, but one little mouse, distracted by the beautiful spring day, forgets the hunt when he stumbles onto a very special egg.
        Themes: Animals, Holidays


written/illus. by Olivier Dunrea, (Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, HC 2010, Board 2013), 32p, Ages 3-6

Easter is underway for the little goslings from the Gossie & Friends series. Gossie, Gertie, BooBoo, and Peedie gather, dye, and hide their Easter eggs on the farm, but Ollie feels left out. In his pink bunny-eared cap, he shouts, “I want eggs!” and proceeds to find his friends’ hidden eggs —Gossie’s red egg in the grass, Gertie’s blue egg in the straw heap, Boo Boo’s purple egg in the tulips, and Peedie’s yellow egg under the green turtle. Stealthy rolling them away, Ollie redecorates each with ribbon and flowers for his friends to discover for the best Easter egg hunt of all. In his assertive way, Ollie provides a very delightful holiday adventure for little ones.
        Themes: Adventure, Animals, Holidays, Friendship, Series


written by Wendi Silvano, illus. by Lee Harper, (Two Lions. 2019), 40p, Ages 3-7

This latest entry in the Turkey Trouble series finds Turkey and his friends walking in the park, where they find a sign announcing an Easter Egg Hunt: “Find one of the ‘special’ eggs to win an eggstraspecial prize.” Unfortunately, the hunt is only for kids, but Sheep suggests, “If they don’t know we’re there, we won’t get the boot …” The friends disguise themselves with sunglasses, and Turkey goes undercover as a rabbit, a daffodil, and a bee. But the kids are quicker than Turkey at finding the eggs. Undaunted, the friends work together to design their own egg (with Turkey inside.) Find out how Turkey wins a prize of a huge jelly bean-topped pizza to share with his friends. Kids will enjoy the silly costumes and funny expressions in this holiday treat.
        Themes: Animals, Humor, Holidays, Series


written by Stephen Krensky, illus. by Melissa Suber, (Simon & Schuster, 2006), 32p, Ages 4-6.

Milo is a little different. Being huge and purple, he is a misfit in the world of bunnies. When the Easter Bunny announces that he needs a new helper, Milo is first in line, tool belt ready for egg dying and basket weaving. Alas, he looses to a smaller bunny. However, on Easter morning when a storm comes in, only Milo can help the Easter Bunny and finally discovers his true calling in life.
        Themes: Animals, Heroes, Holidays


written & illus. by Lorna Balian, (Humbug Books, 1997), 32p, Ages 4-8.

The story of two families unfold simultaneously when Granny (above ground) prepares for the family Easter egg hunt and the Rabbit family (below ground) prepares for their Easter. However, a mouse convinces the rabbit children that their dad is the Easter bunny.
        Themes: Animals, Holidays, Humor


HOP TO IT!: A Scholastic Easter Treasury
various authors & illustrators, (Cartwheel Books, 2003), 224p, Ages 4-8.

Seven popular Easter stories and activities are contained in this collection. Children will enjoy hearing The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Clifford’s Happy Easter, Peter Cottontail, The Best Easter Hunt Ever, Bunny Trouble, More Bunny Trouble, and The Easter Ribbit.
        Themes: Anthologies, Holidays


written by Deborah Underwood, illus. by Claudia Rueda, (Dial Books for Young Readers, 2014), 80p, Ages 3-6

Deciding that the Easter Bunny has more fun, Cat decides to replace the famous bunny and make the deliveries himself. Communicating with the narrator using placards, expressive faces, and body language, cat chooses a red motorcycle for delivery, a sparkly vest bow tie and top hat for appearance. He also considers delivering hairballs but is discouraged by the narrator. When he realizes that the Easter Bunny’s exhausting schedule allows for no naps (Cat takes 7 a day), he hatches a new plan. Using the motorcycle’s sidecar, Cat provides a place for the tired bunny to sleep while he delivers the eggs.
        Themes: Animals, Food, Holidays, Humor, Pets, Series


BENTLEY & EGG (The World of William Joyce series)
written/illus. by William Joyce, HarperColliins, 1992, 2017), 32p, Ages 4-8

Being a nice frog, Bentley Hopperton agrees to babysit Kack Kack’s duck egg. But the egg is so smooth and white that Bentley cannot resist painting it. “He did a beautiful job, a masterful and extraordinary job. The egg looked dazzling. Never in the history of the wood had there been such a special egg.” Trouble begins when the egg is mistaken for an Easter egg and is taken by a young boy. Bentley courageously begins a journey that takes him through the garden and into the big house. Along the way he befriends a forgotten stuffed elephant, an earnest goldfish, and a little girl, who helps him escape in a hot air balloon. After crash landing on a lady’s hat at an Easter party, Bentley manages to escape in a toy boat which sinks. With valiant perseverance Bentley returns the cracked egg just in time. Kids will love this endearing little hero and his never-give-up attitude.
        Themes: Adventure, Classics, Heroes, Holidays, Series

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