November 2013

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Theme: Fun & Imagination

4-8 Years
Theme: Fun & Imagination

8-12 Years
Theme: Folk Literature

Concept Books
for Preschoolers

ABC Animals: A Bedtime Story
All for Pie, Pie for All
Alphabet Mystery
Alphabet Rescue
Bears on Chairs
Big Wheels
Blue Goose
Little Bitty Mousie
Max's ABC
Monster Trucks
Mouse Count
My Heart Is Like a Zoo
My Very First Library
Not a Box
One Lonely Seahorse
Over Under
Seven Little Rabbits
Snail Trail
Ten Seeds

Family & Friendship Stories
for Preschoolers

The Adventures of Old Bo Bear
The Birthday Fish
Emily's Balloon
Gossie & Gertie
Have You Seen Duck?
I Love to Cuddle
Just Like You
Little Chick
Me With You
My Friend Rabbit
The Napping House
No Place Like Home
Noodle and Lou
Peter's Chair
Piggy and Dad Go Fishing
A Promise Is a Promise
Puffin Peter
A Splendid Friend, Indeed
The Story of Fish & Snail
Sylvia and Bird
The Trucker
A Very Busy Day
Wash-A-Bye Bear
Webster J. Duck

Adventure Books for
Ages 4-8

Audrey and Barbara
By Geezers and Galoshes!
The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy
Emma's Turtle
The Eraserheads
The Great Monster Hunt
The Green Bath
Harold and the Purple Crayon
J. A. Teddy
The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs
Jingle the Brass
The Last Basselope: One Ferocious Story
Little Whistle's Medicine
Lost and Found
Louise, the Adventures of a Chicken
Lucille Lost: A True Adventure
Mouse, Look Out!
My Hero
Rabbits and Raindrops
Red Ted and the Lost Things
Regards to the Man in the Moon
Russell and the Lost Treasure
Sea of Dreams
Straight to the Pole
There's Nothing to Do on Mars
Three Pebbles and a Song
Tickling Tigers
We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Wilbur's Space Machine

Folk Literature for
Ages 4-8

Aesop's Fables
Boy Who Cried Wolf
Bub or the Very Best Thing
Chin Yu Min and the Ginger Cat
Cloud Tea Monkeys
Flea in the Ear
The Gingerbread Boy
The Golden Goose
The Lion and the Mouse
The Little Red Hen
Lousy Rotten Stinkin' Grapes
The Mitten
The Musicians of Bremen
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Puss In Boots
Seven Sillies
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
The Three Little Pigs
Tops and Bottoms

Folk Literature for
Ages 8-12

Aesop's Fables
Beauty and the Beast
The Birthday Ball
Chanukah in Chelm
Dragon Rider
East O' the Sun and West O' the Moon
The Extra-Ordinary Princess
The Fairy's Return and Other Princess Tales
The Firebird
Genies, Meanies, and Magic Rings; Three Tales from the Arabian Nights
Good Enough to Eat
The Goose Girl
Half Upon a Time
The Hero of Bremen
Ingrain the Brave
The Jungle Book
Kenny and the Dragon
Merlin and the Making of the King
The Nightingale
The Princess and the Unicorn
Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow
The Runaway Princess
The Search for Delicious
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Sleeping Beauty
The Snow Queen
Solomon and the Ant and Other Jewish Folktales
The Tale of the Swamp Rat
Trick of the Tale: A Collection of Trickster Tales
Tuesdays at the Castle
Unwitting Wisdom: An Anthology of Aesop's Fables
The Voyage of the Poppykettle
What-the-Dickens: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy


A sense of honor and value surround great literature. Laughter, pain, hunger, satisfaction, love, and joy are found in classics. When our children become familiar with this kind of writing, they have a foundation for making comparisons. Not everything they read will be excellent, but they will know a story's possibilities.

Read stories in their original versions, not the watered-down ones without any drama or life. They may retell the classic stories, but the basic elements that make the stories classics are omitted.

Stories are marvelous gateways to a world of delight, laughter, wonder, and adventure. Children cannot always discover these books on their own. They need adults to introduce them to books with well-chosen words that communicate wonder, excitement, and pleasure. Books are not a substitute for life, but a greater life can be experienced because of them.

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Bringing you
books that:

Touch the Heart,
Color the Imagination, and
Delight the Mind

Welcome to The Storytellers, a monthly newsletter of outstanding children's literature to read and read aloud from preschooler age children to students in middle grades.

The greatest bargain in America today is located in the public libraries. Usually the only cost involved is time. Unlike toys, books are difficult to break and are ready-made with no assembly or batteries needed. Portable, they can be enjoyed anywhere, any time, and they take up less space than most toys. They never go out of style and are the best source of entertainment for children.

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Preschool: Fun & Imagination

written/illus. by Catherine Rayner, (Tiger Tales, $14.99,
ISBN 978-1-58925-147-2), 32p, Ages 3-6

"Abigail loved to count. It was her favorite thing." She counts spots on a ladybug and stripes on a zebra, but the animals keep moving around. Forget the cheetahs, they run too fast. Her friends volunteer to help count the flowers, but when Abigail finishes their training, night sets in. Suddenly she realizes that there is something better to count. "Together, Abigail and her friends counted all night long. 3 friends. 1267 stars. And 1 Abigail." The delightful illustrations of life on the African Savannah, especially "1" patient, persistent, and long-necked heroine, make for a delightful concept book for young children to enjoy.


written/illus. by Marie-Louise Gay, (Groundwood Books, $16.95, ISBN 978-1-55498-216-5), 32p, Ages 3-5

Stella loves reading and her little brother, Sam, loves asking questions. Whether building a doghouse for Fred, enjoying a picnic at the pond, flying a kite, investigating caterpillars, or waiting for carrots to grow, Stella reads and calmly answers Sam's questions. "Does your book tell you how to build a doghouse?" "Are there Crocodiles in the pond?" "Are there any frogs in that book?" "Caterpillars become butterflies?" "Could you read a story to me and Fred?" This is another charming addition to the Stella series about encouragement, curiosity, and a great sibling relationship.

Other Recommendations:


written by Richard Buckley, illus. by Eric Carle, (Simon & Schuster, $12.99, ISBN
978-1-4424-8990-5), 24p, Ages 2-5


compiled/illus. by David McPhail, (Roaring Book Press, $19.99, ISBN
978-1-59643-526-1), 96p, Ages 2-5


written/illus. by Penny Dale, (Candlewick Press, $15.99, ISBN
978-0-7636-6829-7), 32p, Ages 2-5

Ages 4-8: Fun & Imagination

written/illus. by John Bemelmans Marciano, (Viking, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-670-78485-1), 48p, Ages 4-8

This fourth tale in a new series, based on John Bemelmans' original classic, Madeline, finds the feisty little orphan helping a ghost. Madeline, the other orphans, and Miss Clavel are unaware that a ghost resides in their Parisian home attic. When Lord Cucuface removes the ghost's telescope, Madeline and neighbor Pepito devise a plan to return the ghost's property. With the help of costuming and drama, they give Lord Cucuface a fright, grab the telescope, and return it to the ghost in time to watch a rare comet pass by. "While the rest of the world was soundly sleeping, / a girl and a boy and a ghost were peeping / at a rare and brilliant sight, / a comet streaking through the night."


written by Hans Christian Andersen, Retold by Allison Grace MacDonald, illus. by Bagram Ibatoulline, (HarperCollins Publishers, $17.99, ISBN 978-0-06-220950-4),
40p, Ages 5-8

"Once upon a time, a wicked troll created a powerful mirror. Everything good that was reflected in the mirror looked ugly and horrible. Everything evil looked appealing." When the mirror splinters into millions of pieces, two parts enter the heart and eye of a small boy named Kai. Lured from his home by the wicked Snow Queen, Kai goes willingly, but his childhood friend, Gerda, searches for him. She encounters talking animals and sympathetic humans, who are touched by her innocence and purity and show her the way to the Snow Queen's palace. Upon reaching the Snow Queen's kingdom, Gerda finds a cold and lonely Kai. Written around 1845, this Danish fairy tale is one of the few of Han Christian Andersen's stories with a happy ending. Bravery, trust, and friendship are dynamic themes, and even more memorable when accompanied by Bagram Ibatoulline's magnificent illustrations.

Other Recommendations:


written by Eve Bunting, illus. by Nancy Carpenter, (Clarion Books, $12.99, ISBN
978-0-618-58537-3), 32p, Ages 4-8


witten/illus. by Ted Lewin, (Holiday House,
$14.95, ISBN
978-0-8234-2856-4), 32p, Ages 4-8


witten by Daniel Pinkwater, illus. by Adam Stower, (Candlewick Press, $14.99, ISBN
978-0-7636-5054-4), 96p, Ages 5-9

Ages 8-12: Folk Literatuare

written by Mal Peet/Elspeth Graham, illus. by P. J. Lynch, (Candlewick Press, $15.99, ISBN 978-0-7636-6232-5), 48p, Ages 7-9

"The riders came desperately fast, pushing through the howling desert storm, carrying with them their most precious cargo: a baby hidden in a basket. But the storm proved to be too much, and the swirling sands swallowed them all, except for one: the baby." Issa, famous for his knowledge of desert and mountains, discovers the baby and decides to raise her. Little does he realize that Mariama will become his eyes when blindness strikes. One day three travelers from the east seek Issa's help in guiding them on a difficult journey. Learning of his blindness, they leave in disgust, only to encounter a disastrous sand storm. Upon rescuing the travelers, neither Issa, Marimama, nor one particular traveler realize that their lives will change forever. Author's Note explains Peet and Graham's interest in Timbuktu of Mali, West Africa, traders of salt and gold, and one blind guide. P. J. Lynch captures a magnificent and harsh environment in which people endure and survive.


THE LAND OF STORIES: The Enchantress Returns
written by Chris Colfer, (Little Brown Books for Young Readers, $18.00, ISBN 978-0-316-20154-4), 528p, Ages 10+

The Bailey twins from The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell return to the fairy tale land to save their mother, who has been kidnapped by the Enchantress. Upon learning that the Enchantress plans to take over the world, they join with Froggy, Red Riding Hood, Jack, and Goldilocks and search for the Wand of Wonderment to rescue their mother and defeat the Empress. "It is said that the Wand is formed when combining the six most prized possessions of the six most hated people in the world." Sailing on a self-made hot-air balloon ship, they collect items from the Evil Queen, the beanstalk Giant, the Snow Queen, the Sea Witch, Cinderella's infamous stepmother, and the Enchantress. Dodging a giant man-eating cat, vicious polar bears, deadly sharks, and disgusting trolls, the twins confront the Enchantress in unexpected circumstances. Kids who love old fashioned adventure, fairy tales, good versus evil, and surprise endings will enjoy this second installment.

Other Recommendations:


written by Matthew J. Kerby, (Scholalstic Press, $17.99, ISBN
978-0-545-53956-2), 352p, Ages 8-12


MR. MAX: The Book of Lost Things
written by Cynthia Voigt, illus. by Iacopo Bruno, (Alfred A Knopf Books, $16.99, ISBN
978-0-307-97681-9), 384p, Ages 8-12


written by Dean Pitchford, (G. P. Putnam's Sons, $16.99, ISBN
978-0-399-25465-9), 272p, Ages 8-12

Over the years, we have researched thousands of children's books, and can recommend some of the best in outstanding children's literature for parents to read aloud and children to read. Our recommendations must meet certain criteria: fun, creative and imaginative stories, delightful illustrations, and excellent for age appropriate listening and reading. We hope that you enjoyed our recommendations. If you desire further information some of the best in children's literature, please visit our website,

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