September 2013

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Theme: Imagination

4-8 Years
Theme: Imagination

8-12 Years
Theme: Imagination

Additional Stories for Preschoolers

10 Fat Turkeys
10 Minutes Till Bedtime
Bear’s Eggs
A Boy, a Dog, and a Frog
Elephant Soup
Ernest, the Moose Who Doesn’t Fit
Good Night Gorilla
Harry the Dirty Dog
It’s the Bear
Little Bear’s Little Boat
The Little Engine That Could
Little Pea
Little Tug
Little Whistle’s Medicine
Maybe the Bear Ate It!
A Mouse Told His Mother
Mouse Went Out to Get a Snack
My Heart Is Like a Zoo
The Napping House
Nellie’s Knot
No Sleep for the Sheep
Old Black Fly
Pigs in the Mud in the Middle of the Rud
A Promise Is a Promise
The Rainbow Fish
The Rooster Who Lost His Crow
Scruffy the Tugboat
Sheep Out to Eat
Snail Trail
Something for James
Stormy Weather
Sylvia and Bird
Ten Seeds
We’re in Big Trouble, Blackboard Bear
You’re a Genius Blackboard Bear

Additional Stories for
Ages 4-8

The Alphabet Mystery
The Amazing Voyage of Jackie Grace
Art & Max
The Bippolo Seed
Boot & Shoe
The Church Mouse
Cloud Tea Monkeys
The Cow that Laid an Egg
The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash
The Day the Babies Crawled Away
The Dog That Dug
Duck at the Door
Duck Soup
The Egg
The Eraserheads
The First Bear in Africa
A Fish Named Spot
The Great Monster Hunt
George Flies South
Grandpa’s Teeth
The Great Kettles: A Tale of Time
The Green Bath
Guji Guji
Harris Finds His Feet
A House in the Woods
If Not for the Cat
Imogene’s Antlers
Jack and the Baked Beanstalk
Just a Little Bit
King Jack and the Dragon
Little One Step
The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs
Little Elephants
The Loathsome Dragon
The Million Dollar Bear
The Mixed-Up Rooster
The Mysterious Tadpole
One Cool Friend
One Monday Morning
The Pied Piper of Hamelin
The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark
The Reluctant Dragon
Sea of Dreams
The Secret of Trembleton Hall
Ship of Dreams
The Sign Painter’s Dream
Sitting Ducks
Stella Fairy of the Forest
The Story of Ferdinand
The Subway Mouse
The Tangerine Bear
The Three Little Javelinas
There’s Nothing to Do on Mars
The Tooth Fairy’s Tale
Top Secret
Tops and Bottoms
Tumford’s Rude Noises
Two Little Boys From Twolittle Toys
The Underground Gators

Additional Books For
Ages 8-12

3 Below
The 7 Professors of the Far North
Adventures of Hotsy Totsy
The Battle for the Castle
Bongo Fishing
The Castle in the Attic
The Cheshire Cheese Cat: A Dickens of a Tale
Christopher Mouse: The Tale of a Small Traveler
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Dear Hound
Drift House: The First Voyage
Edison’s Gold
Emily’s Fortune
The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester
Flight of the Silver Turtle
Half Upon a Time
Jacob Two-Two on the High Seas
Lion Boy
The Magician’s Tower
MVP*: Magellan Voyage Project
Missing On Superstition Mountain
A Nest for Celeste: A Story About Art, Inspiration, and the Meaning of Home
On the Blue Comet
On the Road to Mr. Mimeos
Operation Red Jericho
Ordinary Basil: Attack of the Volcano Monkeys
Seagulls Don’t Eat Pickles
The Secret River
Secrets at Sea
Smells Like Dog
Smells Like Treasure
Spy Camp
Spy School
Through the Skylight
Tuesdays at the Castle
Tumtum and Nutmeg: Adventures Beyond Nutmeg Hall
Tumtum and Nutmeg:The Rose Cottage Tales Waiting for Magic
The Wizard of Dark Street
Wizard of Oz

Stories are marvelous gateways to a world of delight, laughter, wonder, and adventure. Children cannot always discover these books on their own. They need adults to introduce them to books with well-chosen words that communicate wonder, excitement, and pleasure. Books are not a substitute for life, but a greater life can be experienced because of them.

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Bringing you
books that:

Touch the Heart,
Color the Imagination, and
Delight the Mind

Welcome to The Storytellers, a monthly newsletter of outstanding children's literature to read and read aloud from preschooler age children to students in middle grades.

This month’s theme is Imagination. All the best children’s books are filled with imagination and fun. Stories that take children into a world of delight and adventure represent storytelling at its best. These are the stories that children will remember and pass on to following generations. We hope that you will enjoy our selections for reading and reading aloud, because imagination and fun are essential to life.

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Preschool: Imagination

written/illus. by Deborah Freedman, (Viking Books, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-670-78489-9), 40p, Ages 3-5

Fish and Snail live in a book. Fish loves visiting other books and retelling their stories to Snail. Snail enjoys stories about princesses and kittens, but Fish likes tales of bird dogs, monsters, and pirates. When Fish asks Snail to join him, they argue and Fish leaves. Missing his friend, Snail bucks up his courage, crawls to the end of the page, jumps down, and plunges into a new book calling for his friend. Delighted to see him, Snail declares him as brave as a pirate. “Together again, the friends set sail—Jolly Pirate Fish, and First-Cat-Mate Snail.” This sweet tale of adventure, courage, and friendship is a refreshing and clever way to reinforce the power of books and imagination.


written/illus. by Satoe Tone, (Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, $12.00, ISBN 978-0-8028-5426-1), 26p, Ages 2-6

Upon discovering an enormous carrot, six fluffy pear-shaped rabbits contemplate its uses. The obvious solution is overlooked; instead, they consider turning it into a carrot boat to call on the fishes, or perhaps a carrot plane, carrot garden, or carrot house. “Dreaming up so many things to do with the carrot made all the rabbits very hungry.” The conclusion may be predictable, but along the way, kids will enjoy the illustrations, humor, imagination, and maybe even a carrot or two.

Other Recommendations:


written/illus. by Melissa Guion, (Philomel Books, $16.99,
ISBN 978-0-399-25535-9), 32p, Ages 2-5


written/illus. by Adam Stouer, (Orchard Books, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-545-37323-4), 40p, Ages 3-5


written/illus. by Dan Yaccarino, (Henry Holt and Co., $17.99, ISBN 978-0-8050-7493-2), 40p, Ages 3-6


written/illus. by Patrick McDonnell, (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, $ 14.99, ISBN 978-0-316-00509-8), 48p, Ages 3-6

Ages 4-8: Imagination

written/illus. by Aaron Becker, (Candlewick Press, $15.99, ISBN 978-0-7616-6053-6), 40p, Ages 4-8

A world of imagination, adventure, danger, and enchantment await all who open this magnificent wordless picture book. When a lonely little girl discovers a red marker in her bedroom, she draws a door and escapes into a lush green forest, filled with lights, lanterns, and a small stream. Drawing a boat, she climbs in and floats away to a marvelous kingdom of castles, turrets, and towers, all linked by waterways. Encountering a fleet of strange air warships, she watches as soldiers capture an exotic purple bird. Sketching a hot air balloon, she frees the bird from its golden cage, but finds herself captured. Elaborate illustrations of unknown lands, flying ships, and daring rescues make for a fine, fun, and a memorable “Journey.” Leave the busyness of life, pull up a chair, relax, and enjoy the power of storytelling at its best.


written by Martha Brockenbrough, illus. by Israel Sanchez, (Arthur A. Levine Books, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-545-24466-4), 32p, Ages 4-7

Theoretically dinosaurs are extinct; however, one remains in a museum. As its resident tooth fairy, she polishes her collection of huge fangs and reminisces about the good old days. When a little girl loses a tooth at the museum, the dino tooth fairy follows her home to collect the tooth. Battling doorknobs, slobbery dogs, and noisy parrots, she finds herself competing with a human counterpart for the tooth. Common ground and a new friendship provide both tooth fairies with a simple solution to their dilemma. Who knew that dinosaurs and loose teeth would make for a fun read aloud?

Other Recommendations:


written by Michael Rosen, illus. by Joel Stewart, (Candlewick Press, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-7636-4537-3), 40p, Ages 4-7


written/illus. by Arthur Geisert, (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $16.00, ISBN 978-0-618-77332-9), 32p, Ages 4-8


written by Eve Bunting, illus. by Marsha Winborn, (BoydsMills Press, $15.95, ISBN 978-1-59078-350-4), 32p, Ages 4-7


written/illus. by Philip C. Stead, (Roaring Book Press, $16.99,ISBN 978-1-59643-711-1), 32p, Ages 4-8

Ages 8-12: Imagination

written by Kathi Appelt, illus. by Jennifer Bricking, (Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, $16.99, ISBN 978-1-4424-2105-9), 384p, Ages 10-14

“For as long as raccoons had inhabited the Sugar Man Swamp, which was eons, they had been the Official Scouts, ordained by the Sugar Man himself back in the year Aught One, also known as the Beginning of Time.” Official Scout raccoons, Bingo and J’miah, are assigned to protect the swamp and report emergencies to the Sugar Man. When they discover that the Farrow Gang, a family of seventeen rampaging wild hogs, is coming to pulverize the swamp and its precious cane brake sugar, Bingo and J’miah risk the Sugar Man’s wrath to wake him. Twelve-year-old Chapman Brayburn loves the swamp and has grown up listening to stories by his late grandfather about his missing 1949 DeSoto (lost in the swamp sixty years ago), the ancient Sugar Man, and possibly an extinct ivory-billed woodpecker. When the swamp’s crooked owner, Sonny Boy Beaucoup, threatens to evict Chap and his mother to build an alligator wrestling arena and theme park, Chap determines to raise a boatload of cash to save his mother’s Paradise Pies Café. These colorful characters, complex plots, and ecological message all come together in a wonderful fun-filled read to save Sugar Man Swamp. Told from the perspective of animals and humans, this hilarious and entertaining tale of friendship, heart, and compassion will charm all who enter its enchanting world. Not to miss reading and reading aloud.


written by Jessica Day George, (Bloomsbury Children’s Books, $16.99, ISBN 978-1-5999-0645-4), 240p, Ages 8-12

In a continuation from Tuesdays at the Castle, the altering and shifting Castle Glower continues its erratic behavior of creating rooms, stairways, corridors, and doorways. Princess Celie, self-appointed cartographer of the magic castle, discovers a new tower with a giant orange egg, which she decides to raise. When a baby griffin hatches and bonds to her, Celie decides to keep Rufus a secret. Only her brother, Bran, the Royal Wizard and friend, Pogue, are allowed in on the secret, especially when 3-month old Rufus decides to fly. Tapestries depicting griffins, ancient battle gear, explosions, and a strange visiting wizard with his own agenda, add to the complicated plot of discerning the castle’s moods and agenda. Castle intrigue, magic, exhilarating flights and a cliffhanger ending await readers who are hooked on this sweet, humorous tale of siblings and their enchanted castle.

Other Recommendations:


written by Elise Broach, illus. by Antonio Javier Caparo, (Henry Holt and Co., $15.99, ISBN 978-0-8050-7763-6), 288p, Ages 8-12


written by Chris Kurtz, illus. by Jennifer Black Reinhardt, (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-547-63455-5), 288p, Ages 9-12


written by Richard Peck, (Dial Books, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-8037-3838-6), 224p, Ages 8-12


written by Patrick Carman, (Scholastic Press, $16.99, ISBN 978-0-545-25519-6), 272p, Ages 9-12

Over the years, we have researched thousands of children's books, and can recommend some of the best in outstanding children's literature for parents to read aloud and children to read. Our recommendations must meet certain criteria: fun, creative and imaginative stories, delightful illustrations, and excellent for age appropriate listening and reading. We hope that you enjoyed our recommendations. If you desire further information some of the best in children's literature, please visit our website,

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