12+ Years

Whether the people kids get to know in books are miles away, in outer space, or simply people from different background or time, books can help develop an understanding of their lives, help children to explore morals and values, expand their horizons and interests, and develop creativity and problem solving. Reading aloud as a family activity is still a great idea. Discuss books with your kids and encourage them to make wise choices.

Because of the range in maturity of this age group, we have divided our selections of books into two sections: the 10-12 age group and the 12-14 age group. We have found that some books that are listed by the book industry with a Middle Grade classification may not be suitable for the younger Middle Grade readers.

Current Notable

The Apothecary
The Runaway King: Book 2 Ascendance Trilogy
The Son of Neptune
Through the Skylight
The Garden Princess


Middle Graders should have the opportunity to hear as many of the classics as possible that are appropriate to their age level. We recommend the following stories that have endured over the years:

The Chronicles of Narnia
A Christmas Carol
The Gift of the Magic
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Westing Game